Emily & Brett // Bramble Tree Estate, FL

I am so proud to say that this was my first featured wedding, posted on Junebug Weddings. I was very tempted to just quote them on here because they described the day SO WELL, but I won't haha. Instead, I'll tell you about what an amazing couple the Boncore's are, and you can read all about the details on Junebug. 

I cannot say enough good things about E+B and their wedding day. JP and I had lunch with them a month or so before their wedding and they were definitely one of those couples that I met with and thought, we could be best friends! 

I think I can say that they have been my most smiley couple yet! They were glowing with thee most contagious smiles, and it really set the tone for the entire day. I mean seriously, they were BEAMING, and the joy they were radiating absolutely comes from the love of Christ they share and the unity that this day meant to them! It was a beautiful, happy celebration and I am so thankful I was able to not only witness their day, but document their giddy smiles and creative taste! 

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