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I LOVE fashion photography and styling, but want to recognize that it's completely different from Wedding photography, therefore I shoot the two very differently. The goal of fashion photography is more a focus on the styling rather than emotions. My take on this is to try to incorporate both, as I believe that dress is one of the best ways to say who you are (trust me, I feel strongly about this as I wrote my entire 30 page senior paper on this topic). So as a fashion photographer, I am not only aiming to capture an outfit or look, but a lifestyle or vibe that goes along with it. 

I shoot for boutiques, as well as bloggers in the Orlando and Chattanooga areas. 


The above photoshoot was for Cotton and Twine Boutique. I photograph as well as help style all the photos for their Social Media and website. 

Makeup x Blake Johnson MUA

Hair x Me

Location x Lines Orchids in Chattanooga, TN

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All the above photos taken for Cotton and Twine Boutique