The Ball Family // Oahu, HI

Brittany and Nick are one of those couples that you meet and feel like you've been best friends for years! I mean I've gotten really great at third wheeling as I'm with couples all the time, but I could definitely third wheel with them ANY DAY! They are so freaking hilarious and fun and full of joy! And their little guy, I mean just look at him (HEART EYES). I am seriously obsessed with this sweet family. You need to go follow @TheMrsBall on insta ASAP. Not only will you get lots of laughs and pretty views on the daily (cause DUH, Hawaii), but Brittany is one of the REALEST people I follow on insta, which makes so many drawn to her and her family! She shares so much truth and is such an encouraging online presence. Like, she makes me feel like I'm one of her besties. If I keep going, I'll start sounding creepy so I'll just let you look at these sweet photos and crush on them yourself :)