Hello, I'm Kaila.

(Pronounced Ky-la)

I'm a wedding, lifestyle and fashion photographer focusing on natural light. 

I'm a picture-taker because the process constantly reminds me to celebrate life and beauty, and the One who created it. My goal is help you see the beautiful human that you are, to bring you confidence and encouragement so that you can BE YOU and DO YOU because that is enough. 

I'm also a certified seamstress and stylist wannabe. I could shop for 12 hours straight and I don't like to wear the same outfit twice, cause where's the fun and creativity in that?


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The best way to keep up with my latest work is through Instagram. Follow along @KartsiePhotography.


As your wedding photographer, I strive to create a relaxed and comfortable, yet fun environment so I can deliver an authentic collection of images that represents you + your honey and your beautiful day. Of course I'm there to get those traditional wedding images, but I'm also there to capture all the little moments in between of you celebrating the day with your loved ones! Every couple is different and every wedding is unique, and I'm there to make sure all those little details don't go unnoticed that you've put together so carefully to make the day yours. I'm not there to be a stranger, but to be another friend helping you celebrate one of the best days EVER :)



 Mindy with the inspiring quotes amiright?? Any Office fans out there?

 So fun story, fashion is what got me started with photography in the first place.

I've always been a creative dresser and in 2011 I decided to start a fashion blog to document my outfits. I got my first DSLR, got myself a handy remote and tripod, and took photos of my outfits in my back yard (yes it was very embarrassing). In 2012 I went to a local tech school to earn my Seamstress Certification, where I designed and created multiple lines of clothing for woman + men. I then began to document the clothes I was designing and creating on myself and others, and so my photography career into the fashion and portrait world began! Soon after, I realized my love for shooting couples and dove into that real quick. But my first love will always be Fashion Photography, as it allows me to intertwine the two. 



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