Three of my best friends and I decided to take a little road trip up to NYC after one of our friends got married in Philadelphia this summer! We stayed in a really cute little Airbnb in Brooklyn and hopped on the subway each day to venture around different parts of the city. I had only been once for a chorus trip in 9th grade where we sang in Carnegie Hall (yeah I was a chorus nerd) and we didn't get to do much, so it was really fun to explore the city and be spontaneous!


We drove into the city early in the morning (coming from Philadelphia), so we had a full day. We went to our Airbnb in Brooklyn and then hopped on the subway and headed straight to Bamonte's Restaurant for thee best plate of Chicken Alfredo - if you caught that, yes we had Chicken Alfredo basically for breakfast. 

After we overly stuffed ourselves, we went to Chelsea. On our way, we stopped in Gansevoort Market, basically a mini Chelsea Market. It was pretty much empty so we walked around and when we got to the back, we saw a familiar face. Yeah, it was freaking SCOTT DISICK. Didn't see that one coming did ya? Ya neither did we. I actually walked straight passed him and didn't even notice until Essie started spazzing it. Being the brave one of the group, she walked right up to him and said "Are you mad? You look mad. Can I take a picture with you?" She's insane, but thanks to her we all got a picture with him, my hands were shaking I could hardly click to take the photo, let alone adjust my settings so they aren't the best hahah.

We lost our minds for a good 10 minutes and then headed into the overly crowded but iconic Chelsea Market, grabbed an iced latte and walked around. We went into some favorite shops - Free People and Anthropologie, where I found the perfect white, distressed, denim jacket on saleeee (praises emoji). 

After that, we headed to take a walk on the Highline. It's definitely a must, the Highline has the prettiest views!! And a man was playing the Saxophone, it sounded so beautiful echoing off the buildings! So obviously we took advantage of the pretty views and took lots of pixxx.

Once we finished walking the Highline, we took the Subway to Manhattan and rode the air Tramway car to Roosevelt Island. It was pretty fun, kind of like a Gondola haha. The views were so pretty and once we got to the other side, we got to see the beautiful skyline at night. And then a guy walked past, claiming to be a photographer and asked if we wanted a picture. I said yes please and when we got the camera back, it was, of course, not in focus hahaha. Photographers know that this pretty classic. I was surprised since he said he was a photographer buuuuut aren't we all. Sorry too far...after that, we went to Times Square so see the pretty buildings and lights. I got a light pink I <3 NY hat to look extra touristy and we grabbed a delicious slice of NY pizza to end the day. 


We woke up the next morning and headed to__ to get some delicious pancakes to start off the day. Then we ventured over to the Financial District to ride the Staten Island Ferry. We had 30 minutes to spare before the next ferry ride, and stumbled upon the National Museum of the American Indian. It was amazing, they were featuring the Native Fashion Now exhibit with incredible handmade pieces from past and present!

After that quick little pit stop we rode the ferry, which I think was my favorite part of the trip -  surprising because I actually have terrible motion sickness but I was fine and I loved it :) We saw the Statue of Liberty of course, and the pretty skyline and bridge, amidst hair blowing in our faces and whipping all over the place. On the other side we stopped in at the River Dock Cafe, with incredibly messy, windswept hair, and got Strawberry Daiquiris - yumyumyum - cause we were on vacay so why not.

After relaxing by the water for a little bit, we headed back over on the Ferry and went to Lower Manhattan, where we went to Lukes Lobster cause while in NYC you have to try their Lobster Rolls. I'm not a Seafood eater, but apparently they are delicious! The area is really cool so we hung around for a bit, it felt like we were in Europe or something, with all the historical stone streets and string lights.

Then we headed to walk around Little Italy and Chinatown. We stopped in some cute little boutiques while there, I got some greatttt AJ Morgan Eyewear mirrored sunglasses from Mulberry and Grand.

We ended the evening and the trip at a rad little rooftop bar, the Delancey, on the Lower East side. I would for sure go back to this place. The food + drinks were perfect, and the ambiance even better, with plants surrounding you at all angles, couch seating and a slight breeze. I will say it was in a pretty sketchy area though, as we saw a fight break out as we headed down the street towards the bar. So if you go, be's a little scary getting there but totally worth it haha.